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Recording Studio A - Ubud


We provide two dedicated and specialised recording studios in Bali to best suit the sessions and clients budget.

Both studios are equipped with fully professional front-end recording equipment such as Neumann and AKG microphones as well as API, Neve Focusrite and SSL pre amps and EQS.

Studio A

For when super high-end world class studio is required either for a larger space to record drums, orchestra,  gamelan etc,  as well as access to the best processors, FX and SSL mixing console.


This studio is not just accessible for the big budget productions, as by using Studio A as much as possible and making huge savings the artists can still afford time in Studio C when absolutely necessary.


Eco package

$60 USD per hour


Premium Package

$85 USD per hour


Contact us for more info


DW drum set collectors series 22" kick + DW 5000 pedal 14" x 6" maple & copper snare 12" tom ,14" tom, 16" tom
Zildjian K, K light 14" HiHat
Zildjian K 20" constantinople flat ride
Zildjian K custom, 20" 22" dark ride
Zildjian A 12",K 18" china
Zildjian K 16",17", A 18" med crash
Zildjian K 8", 10" splash
Arturia midi keyboard
Korg M60 keyboard
Korg Tritiny rack
Roland Fantom X8 keyboard
Roland JV 1080 r
TC electronic 12 x 2 bass cabinet
TC electronic RH500 bass amp
Marshall JCM 2000 guitar amp
Marshall 1960A guitar cabinet
Mesa Solo Head 50 guitar amp

TC Electronic System 6000
Eventide H3000 D/SE
Lexicon 300
Roland SDE-330
Sony R7
TC electronic M2000
TC electronic M One XL
Yamaha SPX 990
Tube tech CL-1B compressor
DBX 1046 compressor
TC Electronic triple C compressor

Select Equipment


SSL Solid State Logic 9064 J total recall & automation

Digidesign Protools HD 3Accel
Digidesign 192 i/o x 2
Protools 8.0 + plug ins

Logic 9 and X + plug-ins
Apogee AD16x

Tascam CD RW 900 SL

Dynaudio Acoustic M3
Dynaudio Acoustics BM6
Dynaudio Acoustics DMB50
Tannoy Reveal 501A
AKG K 240 headphone x 6

AKG D112
AKG C414
Audio technica 4040 x 2
Blue Dragon Fly
Blue Blueberry
CAD M9 tube mic
Crowly & Trip ribbon
DPA 4011 x 2
Rode NT 4 stereo mic
Electrovoice RE 20
Lawson U47 tube gold
Neumann U87 x 2
Neumann KM184 x 2
Octavia MK12
Sennheiser MD 421 x 2
Shure SM 57 x 2

API 3124+
Millennia Media HV3-8ch
Millennia Media TD-1
Custom J.H. Brant 2 ch. preamp
Digi pre 8 ch
Focusrite ISA 110 limited x 3
Vintage Quad Eight Pacifica x 2
Tube Tech MP1A

Our experienced engineers and producers will be happy to consult with you on how to organise your studio time in the most cost effective way to meet your budget.      Let's Talk.​
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