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Most independent artists and labels only have limited budget to record, only allowing them to access a typical dark and dingy claustrophobic studio with second rate engineers and equipment.

It does not have to be like this.

Located in paradise, on the stunning Island of Bali and the exotic Thailand , where living costs are a fraction of most other places, you can afford to record and produce in a luxury villa, by the beach or amongst terraced rice-fields with professional equipment and engineers.

The key to successful recording, starts from the source. The source being the performance. If the artists are stressed due to limited studio time, stuck in a claustrophobic environment, or have worries about home and work issues the recording session is compromised.

Leave all that stress all behind. We offer a super relaxed and inspirational environment, at extremely affordable prices, taking the pressure off the artists, allowing extra time to experiment, create on the fly, song write, re-think and rework their compositions for the best results all in the comfort of a luxury Villa.

Whilst in session if feeling burnt-out or tired, a quick dip in our pool or walk along the beach of Thailand,, or simply at bit of time out, taking in the stunning rice field views with volcano vistas of will re-light creativity and energy.

For maximum cost efficiency and for individual session requirements we offer different dedicated and specialized studios at different rates.

All our studios, from small to large format utilize the best studio recording equipment , Neumann, AKG, SSL, API and Neve Focusrite etc.

Our head engineer and producer, Soma has worked in UK, Mexico, Canada for over 20 years in music production, hold a Honors Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production and has instructed at audio engineering schools such as SAE ( School of Audio Engineering).


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