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We provide two dedicated and specialized recording studios in Bali to best suit the sessions and clients budget. Both studios are equipped with fully professional front-end recording equipment such as Neumann and AKG microphones as well as API, Neve Focusrite and SSL pre amps and EQS.

Studio A

For when a world class recording studio, equipment, engineer, producer is required.


A large studio space suited to record drums, orchestra,  gamelan etc,  as well as access to the best pre amps, microphones, processors, FX and a legendary SSL 9000 J series mixing console.


This studio is not just accessible to big budget productions, as by using Studio B as much as possible and making huge savings the artists can still afford time in Studio A when absolutely necessary,

Studio B

For most recording, mixing editing sessions a small affordable format high-end overdubbing studio is all the artists needs.


By utilizing such a studio as much a possible huge savings can be made, freeing up budget to record in larger studios  (such as Studio A) when necessary such as with recording drums, orchestra gamelan, etc


Additionally the affordability of this studio allows this space be a great place for music production, songwriting, and experimentation.

Studio C

For private or guided (with producer)  pre production, production, songwriting sessions, useful to sketch ideas or prepare for a recording session in larger studio.


Additional uses can included private one on one tuition in music production, songwriting, mixing, electronic music production etc.


Rental for Workshops and seminars


Watching movies, gaming, Karaoke, entertainment.

Our experienced engineers and producers will be happy to consult with you on how to organize your studio time in the most cost effective way to meet your budget.      Let's Talk.​
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Media Production Room

24 hour access to an acoustically treated media room, complete with Digital Audio Work Station, Laptop (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton live), Studio Monitors, MIDI Keyboard, Sound Cards, Microphones, Mixer, Guitar and Keyboards for composition, and production. Media room also comes installed with remote controlled projector and screen for seminar and workshop presentations as well as just to relax and enjoy movies.