October 2018

I was lucky enough to have Soma remix one of my Kaya Project album tracks last year, & I can wholeheartedly

recommend his musical skills & top notch production expertise. The remix was a fantastic addition to a great

roster of remix talent & I am very thankful for his inclusion in the project.


Seb Taylor (Kaya Project) , from Brighton UK

Remixing of Taki Ura Matts (ShaMANoiD Remix) from Dust Remixes Part 2 by Kaya Project



Dec 2016

We did a final mix down of one of my records at Soma Sound Studios. Soma is super enjoyable and fun to work

with and has a great sense of humor. He's patient, easygoing, and knows his craft very well. I recommend his work.

Arthur Galestian from LA, USA

Mixing of single The Path We Chose feat Eka

Mixing of STEM file format 





Jan 2016

I was lucky to find Soma. He has the ability to fully focus and be 100% present with you in the studio.He really

knows his stuff. Creates an awesome sound, has good gear and you can trust him with your project. He's  honest

with the time he puts into it which is important.  As a musician, you really want  to focus on the music and not the

money and time.  You can leave this to him with good faith that your getting a great deal. He's really fair and

generous and just a good guy.I highly recommend working with him



Kevin James Carroll from Byron Bay, Australia

Recording and mixing of new album with Soma








Jun 2015

This track was an extremely important opportunity for me as an artist. It was mastered for a compilation which

included tracks from some of the biggest names in the world fusion genre. I was extremely pleased with the

master, it sounds full and stands up to the other tracks on the album without being over compressed .

I would highly recommend Soma to prepare your tracks for release, and maximise their potential.

Adam Wood, Beat Farmer from Lasquiti, Canada

Mastering of track from "Let's Help Nepal" compliation album with Soma








Jan 2015

Soma is a wonderful producer and engineer to work with. Always flexible and upfor experimentation, his method

is so that my studio time always feels relaxed. His equipment and knowledge are top notch and I've had several

people (including musicians) comment specifically on how well my album is mixed, and that was all Soma.


Clara Shandler, Sidewalk Cellist - from Vancouver, Canada

Production and Recording of album "Ka " the 2nd album with Soma







Oct 2012

Soma'produced ShaMANoiD, a live hybrid electronic act, that extensively toured North America festivals. 

ShaMANoiD has supported: Transglobal Underground, Asian Dub Foundation, (as DSE), Tipper,

The Crystal Method, Bluetech, Killowatts, Kraddy, Ott, Heyoka, Adham Shaikh, Karsh Kale, Gaudi, Spoonbill

and many more great artists.

Damian Marley V ShaMANoiD- from Vancouver, Canada

Production and mixing













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